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Opalite Crystal Mushrooms

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Luminous with an iridescent, milky, purple-blue-green color. These little mushies look like they walked right out of an enchanted forest. They have a gentle, calming & mesmerizing energy.

These gorgeous crystal mushrooms are made from high quality opalite crystal... Opalite invites clear thinking, new beginnings and childlike glee.

They help with quick mood boosts, the ability to turn a frown into a smile, and the light of a clear blue sky. Opalite is a man-made glass "crystal" so it has a different energy than crystals. Opalite is all about appreciating beauty and finding joy.

CRYSTAL: Opalite (man-made)

COLOR: Iridescent blue-green and sometimes purple

FINISH: Polished


-Mushroom shaped 

-16.35mm tall



-Helps stabilize emotions

-Soothing & Calming 

-Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds

-Encourages persistence and gives strength to verbalize hidden feelings

-Allows for smoother communication and open expression with oneself and with others

-Can help calm down anxiety and depressive tendencies

-Opalite works with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and consequently can enhance one’s insight, and intuition.



-Add an intention to your crystal: hold the crystal and speak your intention out loud for the day. When you touch or see the crystal, take a moment to pause and refocus on your intention for the day.

Great Intention Ideas: "I will be slower to speak and quicker to listen," "I will set boundaries with the people I am around in order to care for myself," "I am beautiful, lovely and created exactly as I am supposed to be"

-Perfect to have around as you start your day whether it is in your pocket or sitting in your bathroom as you get ready for the day... 

-Put it in your pocket and add an intention, mantra, or goal to your crystal and touch it when you need a reminder about the goal you have set for yourself

-Essential oils can be diluted and dropped on the crystal to be used as a diffuser. Please note that this will change the color of the stone. It may develop a wet look (which I adore but you might not)


-Set in sunlit window or in the sun for an hour (some crystals are brittle when exposed to too much light so keep the time it is in the direct sun limited to an hour or two at most).

-Set in a moonlit window or under a full moon

-Use a sage smudge stick to clear the energy the crystal has picked up...

-Pray over the crystal and ask for it to be cleared of all negativity

-Salt Bath (some crystals are brittle when exposed to salt water so very gentle and make sure to wines the crystal after it has had a salt bath).