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  • Sparkly Sunstone Chunk Crystals Amazing Crystals- Etsy
  • Sparkly Sunstone Chunk Crystals Amazing Crystals- Etsy
  • Sparkly Sunstone Chunk Crystals Amazing Crystals- Etsy
  • Sparkly Sunstone Chunk Crystals Amazing Crystals- Etsy
  • Sparkly Sunstone Chunk Crystals Amazing Crystals- Etsy
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Sparkly Sunstone Chunk

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Sunstones are one of our Moxy Maven favorites!

It is generally underestimated & absolutely breathtaking when held up to the light. They look unassuming but when you hold one up to the light, you can see all of the multicolored & golden flecks winking back at you. A great reminder that when you let the light shine through you, even through rough times, there is beauty to be found within. Shine on my love....

CRYSTAL: Sunstone

COLOR: Yellow, Orange, Red-Brown. This lot is mostly orange and brown with a LOT of gold flashes, multicolored flecks. It appears to have "glitter" inside the crystal when you hold it up to the light. YOU MUST HOLD IT UP TO LIGHT TO SEE THE FLASHES

FINISH: Raw, very rich in color, very luminous, high quality sunstone

DETAILS:  Sizes Will Vary, you will receive items of similar size and shape in the photos



-Joyful, Light-Inspiring stone

-If life has you in a funk, the sunstone can help your restore and nurture yourself

-Allows one's true, best-self to shine as it clears all the chakras.

-Traditionally linked to benevolent gods, luck, and fortune

-Helps to remove emotional or mental "hooks" or break free from old patterns


-Meditate outside with your sunstone as it is believed to be in a higher energy state when in the sun

-Great addition to any space you spend a lot of time in: office, home, car, etc

-Perfect to have around as you start your day whether it is in your pocket or sitting in your bathroom as you get ready... Just a little ray of sunshine hanging around.. Bringing upbeat & cheerful vibes to your morning routine

-Great to put out at a party or any sort of social gathering for a cheerful, upbeat vibe

-Add an intention to your crystal: hold the crystal and speak your intention out loud for the day. When you touch or see the crystal, take a moment to pause and refocus on your intention for the day.

Intention Examples: "I will be slower to speak and quicker to listen," "I will set boundaries with the people I am around in order to care for myself," "I am beautiful, lovely & I was created exactly as I am supposed to be"

-Essential oils can be diluted and dropped on the crystal to be used as a diffuser. Please note that this will change the color of the stone. It may develop a wet look (which I adore but you might not)


-Set in sunlit window or in the sun for an hour (some crystals are brittle when exposed to too much light so keep the time it is in the direct sun limited to an hour or two at most).

-Set in a moonlit window or under a full moon

-Use a sage smudge stick to clear the energy the crystal has picked up...

-Pray over the crystal and ask for it to be cleared of all negativity

-Salt Bath (some crystals are brittle when exposed to salt water so very gentle and make sure to wines the crystal after it has had a salt bath).